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family with sequence similarity 48, member A
PDBsearch SPT20
HGNC(alias)FAM48A (bA421P11.4,P38IP,C13orf19)
Gene CardFAM48A
UCSCBrowser view
Protein FamilyUnknown
Typehistone acetylation complexes
Ensembl Exp.n/a


SPT20 (also known as FAM48A) is a component of the SAGA complex. It is required for MAP kinase p38 (MAPK11, MAPK12, MAPK13 and/or MAPK14) activation and E-cadherin down-regulation during gastrulation.

ENCODE ChIP-seq Datasets

No Available Data

Average Profiles of Modified Histones around the Summit of ChIP-seq Peaks

No Available Data

Average Profiles of Nucleosomes around the Summit of ChIP-seq Peaks

No Available Data

Motifs Enriched in the Top 500 ChIP-seq Peaks

The sequences of the top 500 TF ChIP-seq peaks were used to identify enriched motifs de novo, using the MEME-ChIP suite of tools. Five motifs are reported (M1 to M5), with motif name, sequence logo, and number of peaks out of the top 500 peaks that contain a site for the motif. The motifs are then used to scan the entire set of ChIP-seq peaks and the two flanking (control) regions using the FIMO tool, and two quantities are reported for bins of peaks sorted by their ChIP-seq q-values: percentage of the peaks that contain a site for the motif, and the distribution of the distances of the motif site to the summit of the peak.

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Binding of Other Transcription Factors or Histone Marks at the SPT20 Peaks

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  • Comparison with the SPT20 peaks in HELAS3 cells generated by SYDH

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